Flowing Water Designs is the online outlet for hand made creations by Steve Lundh here in Seattle, Washington. Together with his wife Susan, he has experienced so much raising three boys, working with youth through Boy Scouts, involvement with the Prader-Willi Syndrome community, Susan’s work with the Seattle School district and Steve’s 40 years running an art gallery specializing in sculpture and tabletop. You could say that their interests are miles wide and 4″ deep so they are always eager to learn something new.

As a musician and wood worker, Steve has found harmony in integrating the two with his Native American Style Flutes and other custom musical instruments. Wood carving, furniture design and just about anything else he can do with wood is a passion and constantly evolves into new and exciting creations. Jewelry design, especially Chain Maille, has become a focus of late and as always, graphic arts is a constant outlet for his need to design.

Susan’s creative niche is working in textiles and paper creations. Much of her inspiration comes from children, which shows in her baby sweaters and hats. Unique designs with an eye for detail are Susan’s hallmark.

Susan and Steve are outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy camping, fishing, BBQ and exploring the countryside. They also have a passion for working with individuals and families dealing with special needs and feel  God has blessed them to be able to work with our communities youth.