About Flutes

138In September of 2006, I was watching an episode of the ’90s TV show Northern Exposure, which centered around an Alaskan Native who was the last of his tribe to make flutes. The background flute music was great, but I was completely drawn in by the story of how he made his flutes and the history behind it.

Having been a carpenter for ten years and a woodworker since I was seven, I felt the need to make a flute of my own. Everything just sort of fell in place as my wife met Matt Stewart of Stellar flutes, and then I met Matt at the “Best of the Northwest” show and he allowed me to come to his shop and learn how to make a flute. I owe Matt a huge debt of gratitude for all his time, patience and expertise that he shared with me. I later met a number of flute builders and performers and have since had the privilege to work closely with one of the worlds finest World Flutes and Native Flute masters, Mr. Gary Stroutsos.

It is always humbling whenever I get a chance to incorporate both a hobby and a passion. I have been active for over 25 years in Scouting as a unit leader, unit commissioner and for the last fifteen years as a Roundtable commissioner. I have had the chance to instruct both Scouts and Scouters in the art of making Native American Style Flutes which has always been well received and a lot of fun. In addition, Both my wife Susan and I have been very active in the special needs community and I have had the privilege to be able to donate to a number of charities that deal with special needs as well as those who work with children.

I have lived in Seattle my whole life and am married to my wonderful wife Susan (32 years and going strong!) and we have thre sons Brandon, Matthew and Peder. My job, when I am not making dust, is as President of the Porcelain Gallery. I have no tribal affiliation, no Native American blood, and until someone finds a link between my Swedish Viking heritage and Native Americans, I will just be another White guy who is lucky enough to get to create and share this wonder Native instrument.